FHG Generator


Please open www.nbbcash.com. Go to "Promo Content", then select "Free hosted galleries".

You can filter the galleries by update date.

Step2 - Backlinks

If you want backlinks for your FHGs please configure the Backlinks. (more informations)

Step3 - Choose Galleries

The galleries are the content of the FHGs. You can filter by:
- pictures
- videos
- videos and pictures (Mixed Galleries)
- Flash

Step 4 - Choose Templates

The templates are the design for the look and feel of your gallery.

This is a example template design template.

Step 5 - Choose target tour

We will offer one or more target tours. Here you can choose wich tour the FHGs shall be linked to.

Step 6 - Webmaster Link / Target

At the bottom of the generator you can activate the webmasterlink at the FHG.

You can choose which site of the tour shall be presented to a visitor coming from a FHG.

Step 7 - Generate Links

Generate your links and copy and paste them to your website.

You can export the links to a file (CSV, Pipe ...) as well.